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VP O'Brien has an opinion piece in the Daily disputing an editorial about the poorly defined HEAPR projects list:

Response to 'Careless HEAPRs'

The editorial's main assertion that the HEAPR project list is poorly defined is wrong.

These comments were made on the Daily website:

VP O'Brien

Submitted by wbgleason on Sun, 10/25/2009 - 10:11pm.

Weren't you at the recent Regents Meeting where some of the regents asked the same questions as the Daily about the lack of specificity for what would be done with HEAPR money? If necessary, I can post a video to refresh your memory. And the same sort of slushiness about what would be done with the money, if approved, was expressed.

Where exactly is this list of HEAPR projects?
Can you give me the url of a website where the HEAPR priorities can be found?

And as one of the state legislators put it: If you want the HEAPR money so badly, perhaps you should not ask for the other items? It certainly appears that HEAPR requests are some sort of kabuki, where you ask for more than you think you will get, so that the legislature can cut the request and yet you'll still get some funding. At the Regents meeting, wasn't it stated that we actually need TWICE the amount requested? How do you expect anyone to take HEAPR requests seriously when the span of money needed is 4X? (From the half we get to the twice we need, or say we need.)

Isn't it about time to get very specific about what is on the HEAPR agenda so that the public knows and can decide on the reasonableness of such requests?
And isn't it time to spell out the consequences for denial of HEAPR requests?

Is HEAPR really important? Or is the denial of HEAPR funds yet another excuse to neglect buildings so that they can be, how should I put it - retired, and new ones built?

And of course I am surprised you mention Follwell in this discussion. As you are very well aware this project would have been funded two years ago if not for the ineptness of the Morrill Hall crowd in dealing with the governor and the legislature.

Times are tough.

Perhaps you should start putting all the cards on the table?

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