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Ohio State has had no tuition increases for the last three years. Why is this, President Bruininks?

It is a matter of priorities at both the state and university levels. Especially interesting is the situation in Ohio and Michigan, states with less than robust economies.

Note that in order to assure itself of state support Ohio State pledged to students and families that there would be no tuition increases and this has been the case. Perhaps this strategy is worth exploring here in Minnesota?

From the Daily Iowan:

University of Michigan officials said they will not face any budget cuts this year, mostly because of the school's savings from the past six years.
The university has eliminated nearly $135 million in recurring general funds with a combination of small changes, including employee health benefits, energy conservation, and purchasing methods.

"We keep looking for opportunities to both save money and to continue looking for ways to generate revenue," said Rick Fitzgerald, the senior public affairs and media relations representative.

He pointed to cuts such as the number of flowers the university plants to renegotiating contracts with suppliers for equipment.

Ohio State University is also avoiding cuts.

"We are very fortunate we have a government and Legislature that are extremely committed to higher education," Ohio State media-relations director Jim Lynch said.

But officials are taking measures to save $90 million to prepare for future economic troubles, he said.

Ohio State is entering its third year without any tuition increases, a promise the university made to students and families. State support also made it possible to avoid layoffs, and Ohio State employees are eligible for a 2.5 percent payroll increase, Lynch said.

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