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On Tuition: Do you trust the Dean of CLA or the Provost?


"There have been a lot of false statements made about tuition increases. He [Sullivan] said the discussion should focus on the marginal average cost to students of a tuition increase, factoring in tuition discounting, scholarships, fellowships, and other financial aid support."

Faculty Consultative Committee
Thursday, January 24, 2008

What are those false statements of which you speak, Provost Sullivan? That tuition is too high? Your claim that increases in scholarships make up for increases in tuition and that the access problem is something that people are making up?

From a letter written by CLA Dean Parente recently:

"Twenty, thirty, forty thousand dollars. That's how much many of today's students owe when they graduate from college. But their debt isn't due to lack of foresight or saving. The cost of higher education has so far outpaced inflation that increasing numbers of students are borrowing more than ever to pay for college. As a result, many students can't afford to pursue their dreams and aspirations that a college degree makes possible."

Which is more important? The ambitious aspirations of our undergrads or of the Morrill Hall Crowd?

For futher information please see the Periodic Table post: CLA Dean Parente's Vision of Student Debt Differs from that of the Morrill Hall Crowd at University of Minnesota

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