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Part-Time Governor: State Needs Vikings

From the Strib:

"We value the Vikings' importance to Minnesota -- we need to find a way to keep our Minnesota Vikings," he [Pawlenty] said this morning on his weekly radio show."

From the comments:

Pawlenty says MN needs
the Vikings but consistently acts as if we don't need the U of MN or higher education generally, or elementary and secondary education,or decent roads or much else.

Hey, T, I got a plan. You'll like it. Taxes.

OK, call it a "services fee" or a "user-sponsored event charge." Tax on downtown food and drink on game days. Tax on businesses dependent on the fan spending. Tax on game tickets. You can either whistle in the corner, or lead. just once, I'd like to see you lead. Just once.

Leadership matters - in St. Paul and in Morrill Hall.

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