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Will the Regents Rubber Stamp Another Unreasonable Bonding Request to the State Legislature?

Short answer, yes.

Once again the U of M is being put in the position of appearing to be arrogant and greedy. Perhaps this description does apply to our administration, but as a member of the community, I would like to point out that not everyone at the U thinks this request is a good one.

In fact, in the long run, these kinds of unreasonable requests are what contribute to our bad relations with the legislature and the public.

For an example of how this went down last year, please see: Time to put the head back on? Or, we have no money, therefore we must think.

So let's look at the proposal:


What it should be:

Folwell 36.5
Itasca 5.5
Americn Indian LC 10M
General Lab Ren 10M
Physics and Nano 10M (planning)

In the end, the rank order of priorities is set by the president. He has not done this very well in the past and this year is no exception. The emphasis should be on education given our limited resources. If we get planning money for Physics and Nano this year, full funding could be requested next year. Unfortunately the Board of Regents seems to go along with these absurd requests - perhaps in the belief that we will be cut anyway, so why not ask for as much as we can?

The strategy used by this administration has made us look arrogant and greedy in the past. The proposal President Bruininks is asking the Regents to endorse does this yet again.

Time for another approach? New leadership?

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