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Why can't U grads finish on time?


Front page, above the fold, today's Star-Tribune:

Why can't U students finish on time?

U of M graduation rates are far lower than those of competing public universities.

The print version of the article (p. A10) has a table indicating that we are dead last among our self-selected - by the admin - peer group on both 4yr and 6 yr grad rate.

For example:

#1 Penn State 68/92 (students starting in 2004, 2002)

#3 Michigan 72/88

#4 Wisconsin 50/82

#5 Illinois 67/82

#10 Ohio State 49/73

#11 Minnesota 45/66

As the Daily put it:

"As for commitment to quality education at an affordable cost? Meaningless drivel. The administration has flatly failed on its promises of excellence and affordability." Daily (13 Oct 2009)

Leadership matters.

Time for a change?

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