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with apologies to Norman Mailer...

From: Faculty Consultative Committee
Thursday, December 17, 2009

"He [Provost Sullivan] has been working on a retrospective view of the first five years of strategic positioning. There has been a lot of work on it, both conceptually and in implementation, and it is time to take stock of what has been done and what the University is now facing. (A handout was provided to the Committee.) There has been significant academic progress and investment in the institution, colleges, and departments in the last five years and the aspirations, goal-setting, and momentum cannot be lost. It may be that the slope of the curve on investments and progress will need to be adjusted, but the process must continue in order to advance quality and the University' reputation."

"On the general budget discussions, the Provost said that there cannot be only cuts to the budget, but there must also be investments in the colleges and units. The University will have to make cuts, but it must also make investments, he emphasized. There must be an equal evaluation of appropriate cuts and investments, or the University will wallow in mediocrity."


I think we need a little discussion on the concept of investment, Provost Sullivan. Northrup auditorium renovation, MoreU Park, a new football stadium... Things like that come to mind.

Perhaps someone with an ubiased viewpoint might be asked to evaluate progress of your "ambitious aspirations to become one of the top three public research universities in the world [sic]"?

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