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Next Up at the State Capitol: Shoot-Out at the OK Corral

Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 4:40 PM


At 1 AM this morning the legislature's capital investment conference committee announced its recommendations. The House and the Senate are expected to pass these early this week. Details are in the attached chart.

Two observations: (1) the House conferees agreed to $23 million more for the university than the original House bill and (2) even though the Governor and the conference committee both recommend $100 million for the university, per the attached chart there is a big difference in how they allocate those funds.

Martin Sampson
Caroline Hayes
Faculty Legislative Liaisons

The legislature has done the right thing by the University. It would behoove the Morrill Hall Gang to graciously accept this - under the circumstances - generous offer. Physics and nano can begin planning and the bonding is front loaded in favor of things that support our educational mission - such as Folwell, to use a glaring example.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that there will be a bonding bill at all, as the governor has threatened to veto it if it is not to his satisfaction. You can't put in your own pet projects with the line-item veto. So I am afraid we've not heard the last on this.

A strong statement on behalf of these priorities from the Gang would be appropriate. Don't hold your breath.

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