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No Smoke and Mirrors, Just Come Clean

From Waltham, MA, where I am on research leave at Brandeis University, comes some advice that the Morrill Hall gang would be well-advised to follow:

From the Brandeis Hoot (Editorial)

At a faculty meeting Thursday, Dean of Arts and Sciences Adam Jaffe said the university would "not make any smoke and mirrors when we announce [the cuts]," and would instead opt to "cast it as an exciting turning point of the university to refocus."

"This is painful but will make us stronger," he said, "that's the story I will be trying to spin."

With all due respect to Jaffee, we wish it weren't. The fact is that Brandeis does not have the best track record when it comes to public relations and dealing with the press...

When delivering unfortunate news, just lay it on us straight.

Trying to parade these budget cuts as something they are not-like an exciting new change and opportunity for the university - will not bode well...

As experts in the field we hold that bad news is best announced quickly, and without beating around the bush. And, if you can manage it, on a Saturday.

The Hoot's motto: "To acquire wisdom, one must observe."

You could pretty much substitute University of Minnesota in the above editorial and not be far from the mark, sadly.

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