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TERI Logic? How To Improve Schools...

From today's Boston Globe:


This cartoon should remind us of the difficulties to be faced by anyone who claims to be in the process of reforming education.

Much has been made at the College of Education and Human Development of their TERI program and the Bush funds that have been obtained for its support.

Susan Heegaard, vice president and educational achievement team leader for the Bush Foundation, commented, "As part of their agreement with the Bush Foundation, each of the schools has agreed to guarantee that its program will produce effective teachers. The key to the guarantee is that they each will partner with the K-12 schools where their graduates will teach, and the university will provide continued support to the teachers for several years after graduation. This type of guarantee has never been offered before that we know of."

And wisely so.

How might this be measured?

From the TERI site:

We will measure progress made by the students taught by teachers who have completed preparation with us and guarantee that these P­-12 students will experience at least one year of academic growth in one year of instruction.

How will this be accomplished? Make it so, Spock?

The TERI folks have the answer? What is it? Cultural competence?

Just make sure not to place your students in the Minneapolis school system.

Unfortunately, there are these dirty little realities that stand in the way of educational theorists:

From the Strib:

Only 34 percent of the Minneapolis district's black students graduate from high school in four years, compared with almost 70 percent of whites, according to the latest state figures. Last year, only 8.6 percent of black students were proficient on state science tests, compared with 61.4 percent of white students.

Which brings us back to the cartoon at the top.

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