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Calling for Candor: A Communication to the Board of Regents

Sent this morning:

Clyde Allen

Linda Cohen
Vice Chair

Anthony Baraga
Richard Beeson
Dallas Bohnsack
John Frobenius
Venora Hung
Steven Hunter
Dean Johnson
David Larson
Maureen Ramirez
Patricia Simmon

Members of the Board of Regents:

I think that the chair of the Faculty Consultative Committee has been less than candid with you at recent meetings.
For further thoughts on this, please see:

I attach a recent discussion of the Regents Professors with the Faculty Consultative Committee.
If you have not seen this exchange, I would strongly urge you to read the attached document. It is important for you to know about so you have a more accurate view of faculty perceptions of the challenges that face us, especially the views of the Regents Professors, who have made their careers here and have the best interests of our University in mind.

We have some very serious problems at our University. As an alum and faculty member I am quite disturbed about how this situation is currently being handled.

It is critical that we get some of the matters discussed in the attached document out in the open for discussion. Doing anything less is going to lead to disaster.

Thank you for your service.


William B. (Bill) Gleason

A pdf of the document: FCC_Meeting_With_RegentsProf.pdf

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