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A Dialogue is A Sometime Thing? A Dialogue Is Actually a Monologue, at the U of M?



From the U's website:

"Welcome to the Medical School Dialogue site. Let's have a conversation about how we can work together during challenging times to position the Medical School for future success."

So what happened? Apparently dialogue means monologue to yet another branch of the U of M Administration. Recall the conversations with the provost blog that went under immediately after the first questions were asked? To be understood is to be found out?

"University administrators have not yet cornered the market in acumen and foresight; a monologue will not suffice." Mark Yudof - inaugural address as U of M president

Here are my three comments on this site with no response, so far. I'll keep you posted on whether there is ever any response.

Dear Frank,

Thanks for doing this. Your counterpart, Tom Sullivan, actually started a blog entitled Conversations with the Provost. He dropped it very fast. Never even responded to the first questions he got.

I am a little disappointed that someone else hasn't already chimed in, but would like to start by congratulating you before bringing up some topics for discussion, e.g. homeopathy and how to save money in the med school.


Bill Gleason


Author Profile Page William Gleason | April 16, 2010 11:55 AM | Reply

OK, Frank, no one else seems to taken you up on your offer, so I'll roll the bocce ball.

1. Your write above about our medical school being positioned for growth. And yet you've been quoted elsewhere as saying that we need to shrink by about ten percent.

Which is it?

2. If we are going to shrink, then some things need to go. I'd suggest the Center for Spirituality and Healing (CSH). An operation that espouses homeopathy has no place in an evidence-based medical school.

Please see the posting - on the U's website - about homeopathy:


And then please see the posting over the defense of homeopathy by the Director of CSH at:


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this suggestion about saving money and doing evidence based research.



Oh and by the way, I think you had better have a look at the most recent USNEWS rankings of medical schools. If I am not mistaken we have regressed both in Research and Practice.



Author Profile Page William Gleason | April 18, 2010 11:18 AM | Reply


What we seem to have here is a failure to communicate?



As with other recent events at the Medical School,
a Porgy & Bess song seems appropriate:

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