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And the Angels Wept...

The Strib has an interesting editorial on physicians and sunshine:

Buried deep within the massive health care overhaul passed by Congress are tough new laws that will soon shine a much-needed light on physicians' lucrative financial ties to industry. Known as the Physician Payments Sunshine provisions, these are some of the most significant, yet unheralded, reforms contained in the historic health care legislation signed by President Obama last month.

The financial ties between physicians and the medical device industry are also significant. Last year, a letter from Grassley's office to the University of Minnesota revealed that Dr. David Polly, a faculty surgeon, had received about $1.2 million from Medtronic from 2003 to 2007.

My comment - on the Strib's web site:

Congratulations to (former) U of M med school Dean Deborah Powll, current Dean Frank Cerra, President Robert Bruininks, and other administrators at the U of M for evading their responsibilities in this matter.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

The foot dragging at the U of M in this matter has been truly disgusting. It is sad, indeed, that we should be reluctant followers, rather than in the forefront of this much needed reform.

W.B.Gleason, U of M alum and faculty member

For a single example, from many, of the attitude of the university administration in this matter, please see:


(The speaker is our current medical school Dean.)

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