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Save our Northrop from being gutted and shrunk


Once again, the Morrill Hall Gang is engaged in a campaign based on a false premise. One of the over-the-top statements in support of an $80 million dollar proposed project to both gut Northrop and shrink the auditorium is the following:

"... the reconfigured facility will be a physical embodiment of the University's "Transforming the U" and "Driven to Discover" initiatives."

Sadly, in the midst of our current fiscal chaos, the Board of Regents have allowed the Morrill Hall Gang to take approximately two million dollars from University reserves and started the ball-rolling on spending $80 million. Once again, the objectives and priorities here have NOT been discussed throughout the community. This is typical strategy. Get a toe in the water using discretionary or private funds - using the source of the funds as an excuse for lack of scrutiny. Then do what you want without proper scrutiny or discussion by the community.

For anyone interested in some history and a discussion of the U's current plans there is an excellent document, written by one of our undergrads, Jennifer Dens, that nicely lays out the Northrop issues. I post her paper and her UROP poster here so that I can refer to it in future discussions. But I'd encourage anyone with a serious interest in the Northrop matter, to download and look at both of these documents:

1) UROP Symposium Paper 09.pdf

2) UROP Symposium Poster Final.pdf

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