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To Those Administrators Who Think That Online Classes = Salvation

Please see the excellent post by Margaret Soltan, Professor of English, at George Washington University concerning the reaction to UCLA's possible entrance into the on-line class business...

There's a nice poem at the end:


Shall I compare thee to an online class?
Thou art more crowded and more void of meaning.
All bullet'd are the powerpoints, alas;
And time mere play upon my laptop screening.
Sometimes too hot the spyware of professors shines,
And oft their rage at our indifference prick'd,
And every A to F thereby declines,
And makes the cosmos seem inane and derelict.

But thee, sweet online course, shall never fade;
Nor lose possession of that fairest gift:
For I have aced you at the moment my tuition's paid,
And you my credits grant me smooth and swift.
So long as I can cheat, and eyes can't see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to me.

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