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Tim Paw-lenty Confusin'

from the Unqualified Economist:

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty sat down with Jon Stewart Thursday night. For the most part he seemed collected and partook in downright friendly banter with Stewart, despite differing opinions on some topics .

Then Governor Tim Pawlenty said this [all bold text is transcribed exact quotes]:

"Do you really think in 20 years someone is going to put on his back pack, drive a half hour to the University of Minnesota from the suburbs, haul their keaster [yes, he really said keaster] across campus and listen to some boring person drone on about econ 101 or spanish 101?"

University of Minnesota professors must be thrilled that their governor has such confidence in their ability to bore the crap out of students. And what is with all the econ 101 bashing?

Pawlenty later continues...

"what I am getting at; is there another way to deliver the service rather than a one size fits all monopoly provider that says show up at 9 o'clock on Wednesday morning for econ 101? Can't I just pull that down on my iPhone or iPad whenever the heck I feel like it?"

Okay, so he seems to be making the case for distance learning/Econpolio's point. And then this happened:

"and instead of paying thousand of dollars, can't I just pay $199 for iCollege instead of .99 cents for iTunes?"

First of all, iCollege already exists and it is not what Pawlenty thinks it is. See here.

Tim, the reason kids attend college is because they need to be educated. Here's what happens when they actually do go to lectures, imagine what they are doing when they aren't going!

The colleges are also certifying that the students earned a degree. Would he let a surgeon operate on his child because he showed you all the podcasts on open heart sugery he has downloaded?

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