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The Hypocrisy of the Morrill Hall Gang... Part 99999....


From a post on Other Voices (Star-Tribune blog):

"The University is very concerned about the fragility of the building. Northrop is egregiously out of compliance with code and life-safety requirements and code officials could close the building at any time."

Steven Rosenstone, Vice President for Cultural/Scholarly Affairs
University of Minnesota

"Recently, people on campus have described Northrop as uninviting, impenetrable, a 'mausoleum,' under-utilized, and an obstacle to their destination."


"If Northrop does not serve students and faculty of this University, if Northrop does not serve the academic priorities of the University, and better serve the community, turn it into a parking structure." Rosenstone, redux

From the Daily (June 30, 2010)

It's one of the most iconic buildings in the state, and we're perilously close to closing it.. (rappin' Robert Bruininks).

OK, folks, so while all this propaganda has been emanating from Morrill Hall about having to close it, what do we have at the Board of Regents Meeting today but a resolution to put Northrop and most of the rest of the Northrop Mall on the National Register of Historic Places! This is not a joke. Have these people no shame? Apparently not...

From BoRe meeting documents:

President's Recommendation:

The president recommends that the Board of Regents adopt the resolution to nominate the Northrop Mall District to the National Registry of Historic Places.
So, ah, what's it going to be, Bob?

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