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What was the Provost's role in the censoring of Troubled Waters?

As part of a Freedom of Information Act disclosure request by the press, the University administration has had to cough up a number of embarrassing documents.

A particularly damning document alleges involvement of the Provost in an attempt to muzzle the Bell Director. It is difficult to say exactly what happened because the document has been obviously redacted.

The university did not disclose why this has been done, but it is in the best interests of the community to have this issue explored. I have suggested earlier that it would be best if this investigation were an independent one that was not conducted by the central administration.

A Call For An Independent Investigation of Troubled Watersgate at the University of Minnesota [Star-Tribune Community Voices]

I tweeted last night on the matter:

I [Himle] was very direct with him about the complicity of Dean Levine and the Provost http://bit.ly/a7F764 What is THIS about? #UMN

"urged him to provide safe haven for [Weller] as I believe she was muted under pressure from Provost and Levine
http://bit.ly/a7F764 #UMN

"[Weller]...has been threatened in some way by the Provost and/or Dean Levine" following REDACTED
http://bit.ly/a7F764 #UMN

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