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November 10, 2010

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November 1, 2010

Minnesota Regent Redefines Outreach to Include Football

From the Pioneer-Press Sports pages:

"The University of Minnesota has three things to do: teach, provide research and outreach. The first two are extremely important. The third, the outreach--I can think of no better outreach than to have a winning football team, a Big Ten championship and a competitive national football team. . ." University of Minnesota Regent Dean Johnson

No definition that I can find on the U of M website includes football under outreach. A typical recent example is:

"Outreach" is broadly defined; in general, outreach activities are conducted away from campus and are for the benefit of some community or organization. In most cases, outreach work is connected to the teaching or scholarship of the faculty member.

Unfortunately, it got worse on the Sports pages of the Pioneer-Press. There we were presented with a lecture from ex-K-State President Jon Wefald along the lines of "If K-State can do it, why not the U." The columnist even suggested that Wefald would make a great president!

If the reader is unaware, here are some reasons why this suggestion is ludicrous:

"The saint of KSU is a panting jocksniffer who has handed much of KSU's money to a dirtily run football program. He has also engaged in nepotism and conflict of interest. Wefald is your basic long-running banana republic leader. Power went to his head. The Topeka Capital-Journal provides details of his conflict of interest." University Diaries

For more information on the condition in which Wefald left K-State, please see:

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