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For the record: Chair of Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee to AAUP President

Subject: Re: Academic freedom & tenure committee discussion
From: Barbara Elliott

Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 15:05:22 -0500

Cc: Carl Elliott ,
S Charles Schulz ,
Aaron Friedman ,
R Mulcahy ,
""AF+T" >" ,
Kathryn VandenBosch ,
Christopher Cramer ,
Gary Engstrand
To: Naomi Scheman

Dear Professor Scheman--

Thank you for your interest in AF+T's work--and attending our meeting this morning. I do understand how our work and our minutes would be of interest to you. As reflected in our committee charge, we consider a broad range of policy issues related to academic freedom and to tenure rules.

As was discussed specifically this morning, the question we have been asked to address regarding the issues you raise in your email, is whether the exercise of academic freedom by some individuals may silence (and therefore implicate the academic freedom of) others, and what responsibilities we have as an institution and as faculty to assure that all voices are heard (none are silenced) and that ideas (not people) are the focus of interest. We do not and have not made presumptions or judgments about particular cases or the circumstances of particular cases.

Whatever continuing discussions ensue regarding the question brought to us by FCC, which solicited the question from the General Counsel, will of course focus in ways consistent with our charge--on the policy concerns, not on individual cases.

[BTW--consistent with my commitment to transparency, I am copying the AF+T committee members as well as Drs. Elliott and Schulz on this email.]

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