April 2, 2005

Jones, Schechner, Bogart, Clurman

Jones mentions how everything on stage becomes a part of the life of the instant. The energy of the play creates an atmosphere. Form, color, and light can say things that no other medium can. A Midnight Summers Dream has a certain energy as well. This energy creates an atmosphere that is comedic. The play possesses a certain energy that makes it funny.

Schechner states that the “making of production” shows that we can change the interaction between the play and audience. The script should only serve as a guideline. We have the final decision to choose how the scene will look. The scene can be altered to allow for more or less interaction with the audience. Our plays environment is fictitious, so the audience will feel the presence of a fourth wall. However, the comedic nature of the play will allow the audience to interact more.

Bogart made some interesting comments in his article. I believe that the best way to “enter” into our production would be through violence. Now, I use this word in a different meaning. We should enter our play with a decisive nature. The audience should notice our entrance and become more aware of their surroundings. Decisiveness is the key ingredient to “enter” a production.

Clurman asserts that the theme must “involve the audience and serve as a tie that binds the stage artisans together. I believe our group has a lot of energy and is very enthusiastic. From my perspective the humor in our play is what binds us together. I would state that humor and seeing the good things instead of the bad is the theme of our play!

Posted by bhak0015 at April 2, 2005 7:32 PM