April 19, 2005

Round 2 of Play Rehearsal


As a designer, Jacqui drew some beautiful sketches of our costumes. I can't wait to wear them. In this rehearsal we combined her acting with the surrounding space. The combination of her vocal skills and movement throughout the found space created a dramatic acting experience.


Once again, Emily was on time to rehearsal. This shows her dedication to our production. She certainly had some interesting ideas regarding the portrayal of the Moon. Her ideas inspire others to be creative as well.


Cindy brought up a lot of ideas during rehearsal today. She made visual representations of her ideas. I thought this was an effective way of communicating your ideas to the group. I also noticed that her acting skills are more advanced than mine. I hope to learn some acting tips from her in the future.


Alyssa did a great job of directing today. She made an executive decision to change our found space, due to some birds. She also coached several of us on our acting methods. I like the way she incorporated our new space into our acting. She definitely has a sense of purpose and direction.

In conclusion, our group ROCKS once again! We are really getting into the flow of producing a production if you know what I mean. I feel like our ideas are all coming together to form this giant beautiful and funny scene!

Posted by bhak0015 at April 19, 2005 12:02 AM