May 5, 2005

Theatrical Performance!

All of our hard work paid off! There were a lot of things we accomplished in our last rehearsal. Alyssa did an excellent job of playing sound at crucial moments in the play. She also made some last minute decisions that made our play look smoother, like getting rid of the pimp walk. Emily has really improved her wall and Puck character. I know Puck sucks, but the wall is very funny! Cindy brought in the set props, which bring the play to life. The moon and Tomb added a lot to our production and helped establish necessary conventions with the audience. Jacqui has been doing an amazing job with costumes. We had a dress rehearsal before our final performance that was really important because it is difficult to move in togas! Thanks to my whole group for working together to make such an awsome production!

Posted by bhak0015 at May 5, 2005 11:01 AM