January 26, 2005

Beginning to Blog

"We're relating things we feel and stories from our lives". This quote was given by Rob Neill. I believe he conveys the nature of theatre. He is the manager of a show entitled "Too Much Light". This play is a compilation of many short plays. Every week the actors write and perform new plays. They are given a lot of freedom to express themselves. I found it very interesting that they turned to political affairs during the last election. This shows the diversity of Theatre. It can spark people to think about things in a new manner. This quote shows that theatre has the power to communicate a certain message to its audience. It is a unique form of communication inspired by the creativity of others. Another quote i found interesting was from the Laramie Project. Jedadiah Schultz says, "I would say that Laramie is a town defined by an accident, a crime". This quote made me think about the situation in a different manner. Whenever we hear the word Laramie today, we can only recall the incident that took place there. We don't stop to think about the people of the town. The Laramie Project shows how theatre can make people think about matters in a different context. These quotes both show that theatre is a unique form of communication that inspires others to think in a new light.

Posted by bhak0015 at 9:27 PM