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Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

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Nirvana may have been trying to make a statement that they were different with there style. I have seen this with many of the bands that I have listened and seen in concert seem to have a drastic style to get attention. Some times the members in the bands will wear a ton of black makeup and paint, with black hair styled crazily. Other times they will have many different colors in their hair. Some have tattoos covering their bodies and multiple piercings. A lot of them wear dark clothing with chains and things on their outfits. These bands are all possibly trying to say "hey check us out we are different" with their styles. Though many of these bands tend to have styles that start to overlap with slight changes so they do not stand out as much. But these bands that are copying others may be trying to make a statement that their music is similar to the band that started that style, and if you like that band you should listen to them as well. Which may be true because the bands that look similar tend to be on tours together, or have music that has something in common with the other bands. It may be that it is not a statement that the bands are similar at all, but due to the fact that a member from another band joined them and they adopted that image. All bands have an image and they all want to catch peoples attention with it. They make a statement with style rather than words.

Maybe people should start looking at the music they listen to and the artists that make it. Then find the music that is similar and compare the artists and see if they have similar styles. If you find one will similar music but a way different style you should look more closely into them and try to figure out what stamens they are trying to make.

Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana

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Nirvana makes me glad I live in the day and age that I do. I'll be honest right now when I say that they give me a little case of the "heeby jeebies". Don't get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with their music. I actually somewhat enjoy that. But seriously, did any of them ever look in the mirror before they left the house to record a music video that was going to be seen by millions of people? Talk about making a fashion statement...
I am totally all for the whole "grunge" look because really, who doesn't enjoy being comfortable all the time? There is nothing wrong with wearing jeans and a baggy t-shirt every day if that's what you want to wear. I mean I even downgrade myself to sweatpants just about every day out of the year. But that's not to say that is what I would choose to wear if I were recording a video that was to be aired for millions of people to see.
Their clothes are one thing; but their hair is an entirely different story. Have you ever heard of a brush? I have nothing against guys with long locks, but if you're going to have them, do them and yourself a favor and take care of them! We may all go a day or two without brushing our hair, but when it gets to that point that you can no longer run your fingers through it without being in pain and you can put it in a pony without the usual hairs falling in your face because it's so greasy, it's time to groom yourself! I can only imagine how popular lice became after this style was the cool, new thing.
Obviously these guys didn't really care what people thought/they were trying to make a point that they didn't care, which is cool. Clearly, they made their point and many others followed along in their footsteps. But let's be honest, I'm just glad I live in an era where people find it normal to brush their hair.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

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With this video, Nirvana helped solidify MTV's brand and popularized "grunge," a style with little artifice or effort that resonated deeply with Gen-Xers.

Artist: Nirvana
Release date: 1991

"Video Killed the Radio Star"

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MTV literally could not have picked a better music video to show for their first big debut. Videos really did kill the radio. I personally feel that music videos being shown to everyone, especially teens, has changed society as a whole. Lyrics, dance moves, gestures, etc. has evolved along with the music videos for years. I think it's safe to say that the music videos we're seeing today are quite a bit "different" than what we just watched during the first music video to ever premiere on MTV.
Do you ever think about what music videos used to be like? My great aunt used to tell me stories about watching Elvis on TV for the first time. She said it was the most scandalous thing to see him hip thrusting on television! They were forced to hide from their parents while they were watching him because it was considered so inappropriate. Can you imagine?! If we had to hide things like that from our parents now days, we wouldn't even be able to turn the television on! Given, people were a little bit (or a lot a bit) more strict back then, but I have to admit that some videos that I've seen these days are just a little bit over the top when it comes to sexuality, language, and what not.
Music videos/music artists have such a big impact on the youth now days. Kids get away with saying and doing things that they would have never gotten away with back in the day (depending on how you look at that... There are words and actions that weren't considered so inappropriate, offensive, or racist back then that you could get into huge trouble saying now days). Just about every pop/rap song is about sex, drugs, abuse, and alcohol. I'm not saying they weren't back when our parents were kids. I'm just saying that not only are the songs giving off brutal ideas now, but also any and all kids have access to watch it on their TV. Whether they're 8 years old or 20, with technology now, any kid has access to these things. I feel like that's part of the reasoning why my 9 year old cousin knows more about sex and alcohol than I knew last year!

R.Kelly-Trapped in the Closet

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Talk about scandalous. This video is like the definition of a 21st century relationship; the wife cheats on the husband, and then someone whips out the gun. Isn't that the solution to everything these days? What is happening to the world's morals? Or even just having a good old "sit down, face to face" conversation to solve our problems?
Now, I'm not saying that everyone has these problems occurring in their lives/relationships. There are still plenty of happily married, honest, loving couples out there. But let's be real, we hear more about divorces and cheating than not in this day and age. I just want to live back in the day with my grandparents when you could meet someone in high school, fall in love, and be soul mates for life. We can all dream, can't we?
Having problems in a relationship is way normal. We all know that. I've heard people say that it's healthy to fight now and then. But why must we all solve it in such a cruel way? Forget the cheating, guns, and violence. Lets make our mothers proud and do what they always used to tell us, use our words! I realize that our generation is like "too cool" or whatever to actually speak to someone face to face, but come on, let's quit giving ourselves carpel tunnel with all that texting and violent/pointless video gaming and use the gift of speaking that we were given.
We're becoming such an advanced world now with technology, publicity, etc. It personally makes me wonder, are these the reasons we see such an increase in all these everyday, life changing problems? When we're young or even just hopeless and we see all these heartbreaking movies and hear stories on the MTV news about another one of our famous idols abusing or cheating on his girlfriend/wife, does it make us wonder what it would be like to get that fame and publicity about ourselves? Or do we just want to be like the majority that we're hearing about these days? Is that what makes people satisfied with themselves now? I guess we'll never really know for sure! That's for us to live and find out ourselves!

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