R.Kelly-Trapped in the Closet

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Talk about scandalous. This video is like the definition of a 21st century relationship; the wife cheats on the husband, and then someone whips out the gun. Isn't that the solution to everything these days? What is happening to the world's morals? Or even just having a good old "sit down, face to face" conversation to solve our problems?
Now, I'm not saying that everyone has these problems occurring in their lives/relationships. There are still plenty of happily married, honest, loving couples out there. But let's be real, we hear more about divorces and cheating than not in this day and age. I just want to live back in the day with my grandparents when you could meet someone in high school, fall in love, and be soul mates for life. We can all dream, can't we?
Having problems in a relationship is way normal. We all know that. I've heard people say that it's healthy to fight now and then. But why must we all solve it in such a cruel way? Forget the cheating, guns, and violence. Lets make our mothers proud and do what they always used to tell us, use our words! I realize that our generation is like "too cool" or whatever to actually speak to someone face to face, but come on, let's quit giving ourselves carpel tunnel with all that texting and violent/pointless video gaming and use the gift of speaking that we were given.
We're becoming such an advanced world now with technology, publicity, etc. It personally makes me wonder, are these the reasons we see such an increase in all these everyday, life changing problems? When we're young or even just hopeless and we see all these heartbreaking movies and hear stories on the MTV news about another one of our famous idols abusing or cheating on his girlfriend/wife, does it make us wonder what it would be like to get that fame and publicity about ourselves? Or do we just want to be like the majority that we're hearing about these days? Is that what makes people satisfied with themselves now? I guess we'll never really know for sure! That's for us to live and find out ourselves!

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