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Nirvana makes me glad I live in the day and age that I do. I'll be honest right now when I say that they give me a little case of the "heeby jeebies". Don't get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with their music. I actually somewhat enjoy that. But seriously, did any of them ever look in the mirror before they left the house to record a music video that was going to be seen by millions of people? Talk about making a fashion statement...
I am totally all for the whole "grunge" look because really, who doesn't enjoy being comfortable all the time? There is nothing wrong with wearing jeans and a baggy t-shirt every day if that's what you want to wear. I mean I even downgrade myself to sweatpants just about every day out of the year. But that's not to say that is what I would choose to wear if I were recording a video that was to be aired for millions of people to see.
Their clothes are one thing; but their hair is an entirely different story. Have you ever heard of a brush? I have nothing against guys with long locks, but if you're going to have them, do them and yourself a favor and take care of them! We may all go a day or two without brushing our hair, but when it gets to that point that you can no longer run your fingers through it without being in pain and you can put it in a pony without the usual hairs falling in your face because it's so greasy, it's time to groom yourself! I can only imagine how popular lice became after this style was the cool, new thing.
Obviously these guys didn't really care what people thought/they were trying to make a point that they didn't care, which is cool. Clearly, they made their point and many others followed along in their footsteps. But let's be honest, I'm just glad I live in an era where people find it normal to brush their hair.

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Interesting that you say that their point was to show people that they didn't care. I was thinking that they possibly did it just to show that they were different or that they could make music and become popular without the looks. But now that I think about it, it may be a combination of just not caring and wanting to be different.

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