"Video Killed the Radio Star"

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MTV literally could not have picked a better music video to show for their first big debut. Videos really did kill the radio. I personally feel that music videos being shown to everyone, especially teens, has changed society as a whole. Lyrics, dance moves, gestures, etc. has evolved along with the music videos for years. I think it's safe to say that the music videos we're seeing today are quite a bit "different" than what we just watched during the first music video to ever premiere on MTV.
Do you ever think about what music videos used to be like? My great aunt used to tell me stories about watching Elvis on TV for the first time. She said it was the most scandalous thing to see him hip thrusting on television! They were forced to hide from their parents while they were watching him because it was considered so inappropriate. Can you imagine?! If we had to hide things like that from our parents now days, we wouldn't even be able to turn the television on! Given, people were a little bit (or a lot a bit) more strict back then, but I have to admit that some videos that I've seen these days are just a little bit over the top when it comes to sexuality, language, and what not.
Music videos/music artists have such a big impact on the youth now days. Kids get away with saying and doing things that they would have never gotten away with back in the day (depending on how you look at that... There are words and actions that weren't considered so inappropriate, offensive, or racist back then that you could get into huge trouble saying now days). Just about every pop/rap song is about sex, drugs, abuse, and alcohol. I'm not saying they weren't back when our parents were kids. I'm just saying that not only are the songs giving off brutal ideas now, but also any and all kids have access to watch it on their TV. Whether they're 8 years old or 20, with technology now, any kid has access to these things. I feel like that's part of the reasoning why my 9 year old cousin knows more about sex and alcohol than I knew last year!

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I totally agree that the standard of innocence has changed heavily due to the advantage of televison. Television unlike the radio gives a more physical and closeup understanding to the viewers since they are able to view what is happening. From past generations to the present one, there has been a change in how things are expressed. Nowadays topics like sex, drugs and violence are all over the television whether you are looking to view them or not. So t.v. has really contributed to the understanding of these topics that were once meant to be kept secret.

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