Baby One More Time

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Is Taylor Swift the reinvented Britney? Taylor's "good girl" persona and glitzy, feminine attire are arguably inspired by Britney's schoolgirl look that makes scholarly and down-to-earth sexy and fashionable. But what makes both of these pop princesses so likeable? From Taylor's mushy boyfriend-bashing songs and her love sick melodies that scream "pick me!" to Britney's "...Baby One More Time" that desperately begs for a second chance with an old flame, I get the feeling that both of these pop divas found their fame through their mutual obsession with boys. But who is to blame Taylor for wanting Britney's success? Who doesn't dream about singing in front of thousands of young screaming girls begging to kiss the ground you walk on? Britney must have done something right to inspire another young blonde to sing about how much us girls love and hate boys depending upon the day. Britney did three very specific things right: she stuck to one fashion style, sang about things many age groups of girls can relate to, and made a melody that would cause any girl, or guy, to sing into their hairbrush with no shame in the privacy of their own shower. Britney's style was her own idea, and was clearly a good idea because I know I wore a plaid, pleated mini skirt to my first day of the sixth grade, but only because the red jumpsuit from "Oops!...I did it again" was sold out at Target. Almost all of Britney's songs involve boys one way or another, and this topic is relatable to a seven-year-old girl whose crush only shows his affection by stealing her Play-Doh, and the eighteen-year-old girl whose boyfriend cheated on her and left. Lastly, Britney's success can be credited to the simplistic, catchy melodies that are the epitome of memorable.

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Oh my gosh, I totally agree with everything you’re saying here. I think every girl that went through the “Britney phase” can admit to trying to dress like her at least once or twice. I know I can say that in my house, with my sisters and me, pigtails totally came back. You pretty much nailed it while comparing these two artists. It’s so true that the relationships that they sing about can relate to just about any age group, and if it’s not relating to them, then it’s just a plain old catchy song that we can’t resist. I would say it’s a successful song when not only teenage girls are belting it out, but also they’re singing along with the teenage boys. There always has to be a Britney or a Taylor for every generation. It will be interesting to see/hear the pop princesses that our own kids will listen to someday!

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