Fuck Tha Police-N.W.A.

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Watching "Fuck tha Police" by N.W.A. really got me thinking about a rap artist's inspiration to write their songs. This song by N.W.A. was a case of an artist appealing to social injustices that was happening in their city. This song was a direct response to the Rodney King incident and outlined an animosity between young black men and the police. However, times have changed a lot since the late 80's and early 90's. Race is generally not as big of an issue in today's society. Because of this, the gangsta rap group N.W.A. eventually disbanded and moved on to other things in their career. Ice Cube, for example, went on to become an actor and star in family comedy movies such as Are We There Yet? He simply did not have the same anger and passion to continue with his gangsta rap. Eminem is a rap artist from Detroit. A large majority of his songs are filled with anger that resulted from his childhood in the dangerous 8 Mile neighborhood. It is completely understandable for him to carry anger from his early life with problems such as his mother, his ex-wife, and his haters. One thing that does not make any sense is how Eminem continues to display such emotion while having a net worth of $120 million. During his current appearances, he still continues to carry that bad boy persona as if the entire world were against him. He differs greatly from Ice Cube in this perspective. I just do not understand how Eminem is able to keep his anger while living the life that most people can only dream of. He isn't the poor, white kid from Detroit anymore. I know that if I had that much money and success from doing what I loved, I would be the happiest man on the planet. I suppose Eminem really is the epitome of the phrase "Money can't buy happiness."

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I've never really thought to compare these two rappers, but now that you say it, they are total opposites when you compare them like that. I agree with what you're saying about Eminem and how you don't understand how he can still be rapping so angrily when clearly his life has changed over the years. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t still be that angry at the world if I were making that kind of money. But personally, I believe that Eminem will continue on with bad boy reputation just because that’s his image that he’s sold for years. Even if he doesn’t feel the way he used to, he’s going to carry it out just because that’s what’s making all the money that he’s bringing in!

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