Let's be real. Madonna can do anything. She is amazing. That's all there is to it.
If there is one person who knows how to entertain, it is Madonna. Watching her can never get old. While entertaining, she always has something new and amazing up her sleeve, and that's why people love her. She's been one of the most successful woman artists worldwide, selling more than 300 million records, and for all I know she'll probably keep selling more! I feel like whenever she goes under for a while and you don't hear anything new from her, she will randomly come out with another top hit featuring some hot, new pop singer. But again, that's why she's such a great artist and never gets old! Not to say her old songs would ever get old either. Who doesn't like to bust out a little Like a Virgin every now and then?!
Not only is she entertaining, but her looks and style alone amaze me. She can look stunning in anything she wears. Given, some of the outfits she has on every now and then are a bit much, to say the least. But really, don't we all wish we could pull off those outfits she wears like she does? I know my friends and I were not the only little girls that would watch and dance to her music videos, wishing we could be like her.
Madonna isn't just an entertainer and one of the most beautiful women ever. She's gotten herself involved in other things as well. For instance, she has two clothing lines, one of which she started with her daughter. She also has fitness centers around the world and has even directed films. I'm sure she's done much more. Those are just some facts that I have heard about her.
So like I said... Madonna is amazing. End of story.


As an entertainer, Madonna is outstanding. As a business womean she is amazingly successful. She has made music that people all over the world can relate to. Her music is timeless. I still dance in my car when the song Holiday comes on the radio, while driving down the road. Her style and music change with the curretn trends. That is part of what makes her successful.
As a brand, Madonna has the talent to keep consumers wanting more. She is often controversial, she is sexy, she has an amzing voice, she often takes a political stand on issues and voices them while on stage during her concerts and her attire is often coveted. These are things we want as consumers of her brand. We admire her controversy, her sex appeal, wardrobe, and politics.
Madonna has been able to keep us with consumers changing wants and needs. Her music and videos reflect current issues like gay right and racism. She is not afraid to put these things in your face. Thus, consumers take notice.
Even after she has disappeared from the public's eye for a while, she manages to come back with another venture of some sort whether it is a new song or new business. Whatever it is, Madonna will keep her brand new which will leave the consumers wanting more. The Madonna brand will never get old.

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Hi Valerie. The Anonymous comment was from me (Susan). Not sure if this is right yet, so I'll wait to see your response.

I see that is still is listed as anonymous. I clicked on the sign in. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

OK, maybe now I have it. The Oct 5 comment about Madonna is mine.

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