R-Kelly Trapped in the Closet

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This video is very successful at presenting the theme of unfaithfulness. It makes me wonder if there are any more faithful people out there. It has become so terrible that some people actually cheat because it appears to be "fun" instead of doing it due to problems in a relationship. People have lost their sense of remorse and morals. I guess this is what happens when you move from one generation to a new one filled with newer innovations and publicity to issues of "sexual enjoyment". The fact that this issue is even being exposed on a music video displays that it has become something that everyone is familiar with. The meaning and purpose of sex had varied amongst many different people, cultures and religion. It's hard to understand why people have unfaithful relationship. There are so MANY REASONS people cheat, like losing interest in the person there with, "accidently" doing it and some people just do it to get revenge.
I think it's pretty fair to say that the rules and standards of being faithful in a relationship have dramatically changed from past generations to our current generation. This video is a perfect example because it displays the action of cheating between two people. In the video it's hard to tell why exactly they cheat on their spouses but it is shown that the only remorse present is due as a result of getting caught verses because of actually engaging in the act.
Even women are stepping out the closet and being unfaithful to their husbands more now than before. Back in the older generations, women use to be the housewives that take care of the house, raise the kids and become secretaries. Now as the strength and independence of woman is increasing, so is their ability to cheat just as men would. Now off course there were some women still cheating in the early decades. However, due to the strict value systems held during those days like the ways a women should dress, behave, and the values that should be instilled in her -the chances are the rates of infidelity were lower then, verses now. Now media, television, and web are make cheating, sex and sexting look popular. As usual everyone wants to be popular and do what is "in". As a result, they too may not see being unfaithful as a big deal because "everyone is doing it" and if everyone is doing it then it must be "right".

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You make a really good point stating that technologies today are influencing the popularity of cheating. I never really thought about it that way. But now that you say it, it makes total sense because obviously unfaithfulness is becoming more and more popular these days, so much more than it was in the past. And media and new technologies is something that is influencing everyone so much these days!

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