Thriller-Michael Jackson

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For some reason I just can't help but think to myself how much irony is in the first part of this music video. I'm talking about the point in time where MJ starts freaking out and changing into some kind of monster. Try to tell me that's not ironic considering the "changes" he started going through eight years after this video was released. I'm not saying he turned into any kind of werewolf like in the video or anything, but I mean, appearance and personality-wise, I think we could call it something within those general lines.
Michael was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus in the late 80's. The vitiligo lightened his skin and treatments just lightened it more. When it comes to this, I feel bad for him. That's not his fault. But it's when it comes to the plastic surgeries that he claimed never happened that just really made him someone who wasn't so great to look at anymore. He went through a ton of nose surgeries, a forehead lift, thinned lips, and cheekbone surgery. Didn't his mother ever teach him the phrase "less is more"? I'm not saying to judge a book by its cover or anything; I'm just saying there's a point where people may start to fear the "fake" in someone.
Like I said before, his personality transformed into something a little scary also. He was accused of molesting three boys but somehow was never convicted of crime. Oh, and how can anyone in their right mind end up holding their baby off of a fourth floor balcony? I'm not sure if everyone would agree, but personally I think that a sexual predator or someone who would dangle me off of a balcony is just as scary as a werewolf.
Michael Jackson will always be someone to remember whether it's for his catchy songs or his unnatural and somewhat creepy changes. Personally, I'll never get that image of him mutating into a werewolf out of my head.

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As I was reading the article about Michael Jackson, it made me think back to when I was younger and listening to M.J. One of my all time favorites songs is Rock With You. I have been a M.J. fan most of my life. When the video Thriller came out, it was interesting to hear people commenting about how much he has physically changed over the years and that his video represents some of those changes. In his video, he changes into a strange monster like being. Comments that I heard about him personally were comparing how his real like change in appearance is close to what happens to him in his video. During my teens I often struggled with why M.J. would want to be White. I could not understand why being white was such a good thing. It was confusing to me. It was so confusing because I grew up in Stillwater, MN. It my class of 500 students we had one Black student, Aaron. Aaron was the High School Football Captain. He was one of our HS heros. Much of my time was spent on the St. Croix River as a river rat. My family was often out on our boat with other families on their boats. I just did not understand the outside world, nor did I have access to it. I did not know there was such huge disperities in communities and between some blacks and whites. The first time I saw the Thriller video I saw it as a piece of art. It was creative, dynamic, scary, and colorful. I thought it was simply brilliant! I'm not sure why as a music video it needs to be analyzed. I would much rather just enjoy the video as a piece of creative genius. There is no doubt that M.J. is a strange person if we are comparing him to the people in this class. I would argue though that some of the things he does, like dangling the baby by his leg from a balcony in a high rise hotle, might be for publicity. Good or bad press is better than none at all.

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