Baby One More Time

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Looking at the lyrics and video that accompany this song, it's fairly easy to pick up on the oversexualized nature of teenagers. What I didn't realize until recently is that this song is also about a cripplingly codependent relationship. Depending on how much you want to read into the lyrics, it could even be construed that there is an abusive nature to the aforementioned relationship. A codependent relationship is generally defined as two individuals, one of which has a psychological condition or disease (classically an addiction) that generates needs for the other party to meet. This second party will then focus primarily on meeting this person's needs, sometimes to the exclusion of their own, and develop a strong attachment to this role. Looking at the list of patterns and characteristics of codependence provided on the Codependents Anonymous and the song lyrics side by side yields a shocking number of connections. Of the five groupings of patterns listed, denial, low self esteem, compliance, control, and avoidance, the song most tends toward that patterns categorized under compliance.
Before the music even begins, the sexual nature of her attire is readily apparent, fitting the pattern of accepting sexual attention in lieu of love as a compliant individual. The opening lines of the song launch us into the realm of codependence as she regrets not compromising her interests so as to avoid the rejection that forms the basis of the song. She goes on to say that she still believes in the relationship despite the supposed loss of the other party, demonstrating an overabundance of loyalty. If one were to interpret the line "hit me baby one more time" as a reference to the abusive nature of the relationship, this overdeveloped sense of loyalty runs the risk of putting her in harm's way. Finally, she indicates that she is willing to give up anything to avoid change in the relationship, firmly supporting her general pattern of compliance toward the subject of the song.

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