Black or White - Michael Jackson

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The success of Michael Jackson, Barack Obama does justify that the gap between Afraid Americans and the white people has been narrowed considerably.
Look back to the 1940s. About 86 percent black people were born as slaves. They have no rights to choose their mates; they have no rights to get education; they have no rights to do anything except being a tool of the white people. They had the lowest status.
They are not allowed to enroll in the same school where white students are studying, until in 1957. In September 4th, 1957, nine African-American were chosen to attend in Little Rock Central High School, the first integrated school in United States, because of their excellent grades in elementary school. In December 1957, one of the Little Rock Nine, Minnijean Brown was suspended for dropping a bowl of chili on the head of a white student who blocked her way in the cafeteria. In February 1958, she was expelled for calling a white female student "white trash" after the girl taunted her and hit her with a purse. Although few African American students were allowed to go to college, they were still in the
Then look at recent 20 years, everything was changing in the good way--Michael Jackson became the most popular singer and was admired by hundreds of thousands of white people; Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States in 2008; Michelle Obama became the first African-American First Lady of the United States; more and more African- American students get into top-100 American colleges; more white girls start seeking black men as their Mr. Right; the black have rights to vote.
However, the celling still exists--the black always get lower salaries than the white do. But both the black and the white are trying their best the break this celling and I am sure that tomorrow the world will be better off.

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