Black or White

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In Michael Jackson's music video and song "Black or White," the main theme is clearly that of racial difference and its importance in society. Michael Jackson, being an African American boy growing up in a white-supremacist America, wished to be seen as equal to his peers in this sense. He always had an underlying desire to appear to be Caucasian, and places a very large personal value on physical appearance. The primary message that Jackson is trying to communicate throughout this song is that race is not an important factor in determining who a person is. This idea was a very progressive one at the time, and such themes have arguably been more easily assimilated into modern culture with the help of other media. Outside of this particular video, Michael Jackson's insecurities are easily visible in his series of plastic surgeries, none of which have actual medical reasoning or justification to support the decision. Theories behind this are that in a family setting as a child, much emphasis was placed upon the appearance of Michael Jackson and his siblings in their musical group. It has been speculated that Michael Jackson's change in physical appearance/ skin tone has been in some ways "backed up" by his song "Black or White," And reminds his listeners that one of the key traits that they so admire about him and his music is that when listening to his music, it doesn't matter if it was a black man or a white man that produced it; the most important factor is the quality of the music itself. In this way, Michael Jackson never failed to deliver, always giving 110% to ensure that his next album release would be everything that his fans hoped for it to be. As a character, Michael Jackson attempted to draw attention away from the less important traits of physical appearance, and equal treatment of persons regardless of race in the same manner that many promote the equal treatment of persons regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

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Black Or White by Michael Jackson as a much lighter version than he was as a young child. He is dressed in black and while. He is in clips dancing with people all around the world. There is a shot of a black baby and a white baby sitting next to each other on top of the world. He is Dancing on top of Lady Liberty. Then toward the end of the video, people of all different cultures and both men and women morfe into each other as they are siging. A black panther then walks through the stage and turns into Michael. He ends in a whie cloud of smoke sanding in his black pants and white t-shirt and white socks. The words of the song represent all the things he is showing in his video. Some of the words used in the song are Equality, Being in Human Relations, Turf War, Global Scale, Both Sides, It's Not About Races Just Places Faces, Not Going To Spend My Life Being A Color, Don't Tell Me You Agree With Me Then Kick Dirt In My Face, and Not Afraid of White Sheets - could be a reference to the KKK but that is not shown the the video. He is trying to gently push us toward not seeing in black and white. As the song suggests, look at faces not the color of the face. However at the end of the song he simply sings It's Black, It's White which seems to be a turn about to what he sings earlier of It Don't Matter if You're Black or White. It sends a contradicting message there. How can it be both It's Black, It's White and yet It Don't Matter if You're Black or White? His point could be that is should not matter if you are black or white, but things are still seen as black or white.

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