Black or White

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It is the young minds who buy the music of Michael Jackson as the themes of his music/videos are quite identifiable. His musicality and dancing skills are somethings that young minds admire or try to imitate but always coming short even on a good day. I remember my friends and I finding ourselves on the floor from tripping ourselves practicing the moonwalk for hours. It took us a while to realize that the task was much easier to do on wooden floors that carpet! Young minds!! The video, "Black or White" is no exception as it has almost everything in it that is quite relevant to the young minds--racism, bullying, gangs, inequality, fair play and parental control to name a few things that I got from his video. Actually, the video is loaded with the one emotion that lives in young minds that often range to high decibels when fueled by anger or discontent to some injustices of our society like the ones in the video. When a friend of color or myself (I am Indigenous of US- Dine & Lumbee) receive harsh looks or remarks just based on our skin color alone sends my otherwise calm demeanor into fits of emotions to another level. Those are the ones that Michael Jackson is yelling about from atop the Statue of Liberty. It is quite understandable in the sense that it is gratifying to release anger in that way. But then there are subtle ones that young minds deal with. You can always remember plenty of times when one disagreed with a parent - right? Oh yeah! Curfews, sharing the family car and such would send us into some of these emotions. Our young minds are quick to anger as if it sits closely on our shoulders just waiting to be summon and springs into action as soon as it sees its opportunity. Thank goodness for maturation as it is able to shove that emotion off our shoulders for a better way in solving issues.

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