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As a teenage girl, I understand the pressure to dress sexually in order to appeal to guys. However, does dressing sexually necessarily mean that a girl is a slut? Not at all. In fact, I know many girls who wear low cut shirts and miniskirts that have not even had sex yet, and instead, are waiting for love or marriage to lose their virginities. Certainly girls dress in this way to attract guys, but this doesn't necessarily mean that they are trying to get laid. Dressing or acting raunchy is not the result of being sexually active. Rather, it is the result of trying to fit in. Current media culture depicts the women who are deemed "attractive" as sexual beings who show as much skin as possible. And, of course, once teenage girls pick up on this, they start to show as much skin as possible in mimicry of these attractive and well-liked women. As a result of this, it is now in style to wear clothes such as low cut shirts, short skirts and shorts, tight pants, and push up bras. In addition, it has now become cool to be having sex at an early age, or, at least to appear as though you are having sex. Young girls who haven't necessarily had sex try to act as though they have, and they sometimes even tell people they aren't virgins in order to gain popularity. The thing that many people, particularly adults, don't understand is that even though young girls act seductively or dress raunchily, it does not mean that most of them are necessarily sexually active. Instead, they are just trying to fit in with what is deemed as "cool" by today's popular culture depicted in the media. So, next time you see a girl wearing a tight shirt and a short skirt, reconsider before calling her a slut.

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