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I am not a big fan of rap and hip hop in the first place and these types of songs are a big reason for it! I get the whole rap is another way of expressing ones self and that everyone has their own preferences but honestly who wants to listen to a song that is all about cussing, their is no need for FUCK or ASS or SHIT or NIGGA to be dropped every other word in a song. I realize they have a point that they want to get across about how they are being treated, but, who could possibly think that saying it in this manner is helpful in getting that point across? Think about it when you are being yelled at or when someone drops an F-Bomb just for the sake of dropping it do you listen to them and really understand their message or do you get angry or annoyed or upset? I dont know many people that when in these states can effectively listen to someone and pick up what they are trying to argue, instead they get defensive and fight back...
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Granted this is an extreme and was put out to cause people to get upset and want to fight on one side to defend their rights, but do they not realize that the other side (those police they are wanting to fuck) do not see this as well? Maybe their is a reason their were so many riots during that time and so many people getting injured or unjustly arrested by the police...if I was an officer I would arrest someone acting like this towards me as well. Perhaps a lot of this would not have happened if they had been more respectful in saying what they felt/wanted to say.

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