For the Love of Rap

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This entry is a good example of how hollowed out the music industry is today. In the era of NWA, songs were written for their political message based on how the artist felt based on issues in the culture at the time, such as police brutality in L.A. Now, musical "politics" are determined by how much money they can make in a failing music industry. The mainstream rap industry has shifted from artists who were passionate about what they did and turned it into a job into many "artists" who are solely in the business for how much money and fame they can have, regardless the of the lyrics and message they are passing on to a new generation of youth. Many blame the Internet for the fall of the rap industry and while this is a large contributor, the biggest reason for the fall of the music industry was the shift from job of music to love of money. Hip-hop and rap simply became a tool to be used to try to make a few bucks and five minutes of fame. Albums became a thing of the past and CD's? Those things I had when I was 10? It all came crumbling down and rappers created single after single to satisfy the failing record companies, many times jumbling them on a mixtape and calling it an album. The Hip-hop culture that walked hand in hand with youth culture is no more, to be replaced with a youth pop culture in which the beats suck, and the lyrics are lacking. And once again, it all revolves around money. If the youth won't pay for it, the artists won't make it for it has become all about how to play the game and less about the love of rap.

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