Fuck tha Police

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Racism in American society is still present in my opinion, yet not in the way that we all think of racism. Yes, there are still hate crimes and yes there is still police brutality, but I view racism today as a never ending spiral. From my experiences, my limited experiences, racism works like this the greater population stereotypes a certain group of people with certain characteristics: African Americas with crime, Latinos with drugs, gays with flamboyance, Asians with intelligence, etc. Then once this group is stereotyped for long periods of time certain members of that group start to believe the stereotypes, especially the youth. The Latino teen thinks drugs are the norm. The African American thinks he has to run with a gang. The Asian thinks he can't major in art. When this happens it causes the public to further believe the stereotype of that specific demographic which sucks because that then causes the stereotyped group to think they have to behave like their given stereotypes. You can see the pattern developing I hope. I admit there are a thousand and one other reasons why racism is still around and why these stereotypes happen, but his is just something that I think a lot of people don't realize or don't acknowledge. We either think that racism doesn't exist, but let's face it racism will always exist because humans suck, or with think that racism is solely the fault of the public or the group we are stereotyping. This is why the exceptions to the stereotypes are so important. The African American lawyer from the ghetto, the Asian hippy artists, and the homosexual guy who religiously follows the Chicago Bears, all give perspective to the greater public and shows people within that given demographic that they do not have to associate with the stereotypes if they don't want too. If you didn't catch on this relates to fuck tha police because the police stereotyped blacks as criminals so then the blacks got sick of it and started conflicts with the police making them criminals. Both parties were at fault.

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