Fuck Tha Police

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"Fuck the police" is a term I have heard way too often in my BAD ASS lifestyle. Growing up in my suburban neighborhood outside of Minneapolis I have witnessed terrible things from daily robberies to weekly shootings. My fellow teenage friends always use "fuck the police" as a statement to excuse their wrong doings. How can we ever say "fuck the police" when the cops are here solely to protect us? I can't begin to explain how many times I've heard someone pissed off say, "How the hell could that cop give me a speeding ticket? I was only going 20 over... FUCK THE POLICE" Obviously the cop gave you that ticket because you are a danger to society. Police are here to make the community a safer place to live in. My friends need to realize that their rebellious actions can easily harm someone. Getting to a head on collision could be a hell of a lot worse than when you are going 20 miles per hour more than you should be. Or some friends will tell me, "Damn, I can't believe that cop gave me a minor at that party last weekend, I only had two beers." The cop gave you that minor because they are doing their job! The law says one has to be twenty one to consume alcohol. Teenagers need to realize that if they decided not to give teenagers who got busted at a party a minor, the police themselves could be in huge trouble. AGAIN, THEY ARE JUST DOING THEIR JOB. Teenagers need to realize that when they are breaking the law, they are subject to getting in trouble for it. When NWA released the song "Fuck Tha Police," they did an AWESOME job with telling the rest of society that ones stupid actions are OK because the cops are idiots and have NO idea what they are doing. They obviously just want to ruin ALL OF YOUR FUN!

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