Fuck the Police

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Hip hop has grown to be a very popular brand of music. As it has changed it has opened its arms to a broader fan base. When hip hop first began it was intended to be a way for rappers to express their problems and the odds they were facing in their lives and communities. Rappers like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Biggie, and Tupac used rap to allow the world to understand where they came from and the problems they faced throughout their lives. For example, the video "Fuck the Police" talks about problems that black males constantly face in dealing with police officers. Black males feel they are constantly being attacked by police---even when they are innocent. Issues like this have made it hard for people of other races or backgrounds to relate to rap songs, especially if they have never had the same struggles. During the beginning of rap music, it was seen as a music that was intended for only black people because they could mostly relate to the lyrics and themes of the songs.
Nowadays things have taken a DRASTIC CHANGE. Rap music has become more universally relatable and rappers of the new generation like 2 Chains, Lil Wayne, Tyga, and B.O.B. are changing the rap game. They are no longer focusing on using rap music to express their problems, instead they are rapping about "what is in". They rap about sex, drugs, alcohol and BIG BOTTIES (yes they love talking about botties). These topics are more relatable to different races of people. Now because there is a huge variety of topics covered in rap music, people of different background can relate and find interest in listening to rap music. Now rap music is no longer restricted to black people. You can now go to parties and see white or mixed boys trying to copy their favorite rapper or rap songs. Or girls trying to look like the latest girls they see in the videos. I guess in a way, the changing of rap music has yet again help to bring people together.

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