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In a generalization of the song "one more time" by Brittany Spears, recorded in the early 1990's capitalizes on the long controversial issue about sexism and the role of females in the ever-changing world of male capitalism. This song uses provocative language and dress codes within it to provoke a certain image of Brittany. From the way she moves her hips to the way she wears her short plaid mini-skirt, she is portraying herself as a sex symbol for not only men to stare at, but for young women to strive and become. The sexualization of women in the early nineteen nighties had a reverse effect from what women activist have been trying to accomplish for several decades. Even though Brittany was trying to use her provocative language to try and sell records and make a name for her in the music label world, she also set herself to be a Pseudo role model for many young teenage girls.

However, being a teenage guy watching the video, I can completely understand why when I was younger my brother and his friends called Brittany "Jail Bait" even though music videos have become more sexual in the past decade for a 1990 video,
Brittany spears really does appeal to a guys sexual appeal, and if a girl were to dress in the same way and move the same way at a party, there is no doubt that she would find several interested guys, its rather a question of how many. I'm not saying that any girl who wears clothes like Brittany is a slut, but it does get a guys attention; however its what she does with that attention that decides if she is slut or not. The women activist has disagreed with Brittany's approach for fame since the start, saying that her music have turned good girls into bad ones, however it cannot be blamed on the music, it is rather blamed on the person itself and what they do after hearing the music and dressing the part.

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