Hit Me Baby One More Time


I don't like the way videos like "Hit Me Baby One More Time" and generally most music videos sexualize women. Britney Spears dances around in as little clothing as possible in this music video. What is that telling the tween girls that are her main audience? It's showing them that society accepts this kind of behavior and image from women. This image of women is so prevalent in society, that no one person can be blamed though. If you look at movies and TV shows, the "hot" girls are always a size 2 and dressed in as little clothes as possible. This is a terrible message to send to people. It coerces girls to think that this is the only was they will be considered "hot" and "desirable." These images are on TV, on billboards, in movies, and in every piece of media. You rarely see any girl over a size 4 in commercials and in ads. This is just wrong. With so much pressure on girls to look this certain way some girls resort to potentially harmful methods to get the results. Then people look down on them. Society needs to change this image of the perfect woman. The truth is that not everyone is going to look like this, and it's not fair to say that these girls aren't perfect. Every girl is perfect in her own way, but society sees one view of perfection. I would love to see a shift in this perception of women, but it has to start with the celebrities that everyone looks up to. While Hollywood still promotes this image of women, nothing is going to change. It would be beneficial to society, in my point of view, for this image to change. It would take a lot of pressure off of women from having to live up to unrealistic standards.


I agree with where you’re going with you’re opinion on the sexuality of women in music videos. Her clothing choice was pretty bad at the time that this music video was made, and it’s only gotten worse with celebrities now days. At least in Britney’s videos from back then it was mostly just her stomach hanging out. In music videos today women can be wearing just enough to cover what can’t be shown on TV, and that’s considered acceptable. And when it comes to the image of women now days, I agree with how wrong you’re saying it is. It’s so sad that you have to be three sizes smaller than the average person to be confident with yourself and considered attractive. There’s no wonder why the number of eating disorders and depression cases out there have increased so much over the years as the media becomes more accessible and popular to teens.

I agree with you. This image of women in media has exploided and blittled women. It has caused many girls to believe that their not good enough and shouldnt love themselves the way they are and this needs to stop. If the high powers in media dont initiate this end it will forever continue

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