Hit that baby one more time.

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While we were watching Britney Spears' music video "hit me baby one more time" in class all I could think about was how young she was. Now it is true that she deliberately dresses like a young school girl, but either way she was only about 16 years old when she made the video. There's nothing inherently wrong with her wanting to emulate the idea of a young girl, but given the content of the song and video, I think her choice was made in poor taste and only contributes to the serialization of girls. Of course if Britney's (mostly young female) fans see her dancing sexually and singing about relationship abuse they will want to follow her lead. She was a role model, and as such she should have considered the consequences that her actions might have on her fan base. I feel like the attitudes of female musical artists in the 80s and 90s, like Britney Spears and Madonna, were large contributors to the trend of sexualizing girls at a younger and younger age. If they had only stopped and considered the effects that their role modeling might have on the next generation of young women, we might not be seeing today's influx of middle and elementary aged girls wearing sexually suggestive clothing and starting to be exploited by men at an earlier age. It's obviously too late to go back and change the female celebrity role models of the past few decades, but it can be interesting to look back and see how their actions have left ripples that are still playing out in today's youth culture.

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