Michael Jackson's Black or White

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Does the man deemed the "king of pop" across the world really need a confidence booster to add on to his plethora of number one singles and net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars? With his diamond gloves, chimpanzees, Bentleys, plastic surgeries, and all other material items that connote wealth and success, one would think he has enough self assurance to share between himself and every teenager going through puberty, yet he still wrote the song "Black or White" after the beginning of his very noticeable change of skin color from black to white and masculine qualities turning feminine. Of course this song speaks to a push for unity among a world filled with people of all different cultural backgrounds, but it is almost too much of a coincidence to begin to consider that this song has no relation to Michael's personal combination of black and white, and maybe even his very personal struggle with accepting what he was born and blessed with. Was it Michael's consistent role of being in the spotlight that caused him to doubt his self-acceptance? From the Jackson 5's beginnings in 1964, to his preparation for the This Is It concert tour shortly before his death in 2009, Michael was always being scrutinized under the public's eye. "Black or White" was released in 1991. This date was about five years after the changing of his skin color became a public controversy. During those five years, Michael announced he suffered from a skin condition called vitiligo and was simultaneously suffering from lupus. According to Michael, due to these conditions, his skin color was changing, and regardless of the truth, Michael still released "Black or White." Was this song the confidence he needed to accept his conditions? Or maybe this song was his way of distracting the public from criticizing his medical conditions, and his attempt to convince the public to focus on his music career and character. The public may never know the entire truth, but considering that a man with his level of fame and success could have doubts about himself like most humans, almost makes the king of pop much more relatable than most men who own chimpanzees.

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