Michael Jackson's Thriller

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Just like Justin Bieber fans, zombies are appearing everywhere in today's world, but more prominently in film and literature. Today's seemingly zombie-crazed society did not recently appear from thin air, in fact, Michael Jackson revealed his take on zombies in his video "Thriller" in 1983. "Thriller" is a ten-minute long music video that combines the song with a storyline. This combination of music and film involves Michael as a scary werewolf, and later, a dancing zombie. Now, did this mark the beginning of today's zombie obsession? And more importantly, why does our culture find entertainment from fear? This question can only be answered when we look closely at why Michael's interpretation of zombies in "Thriller" was so well received from the public, and what made the introduction of zombies as a form of entertainment spread like fire. Michael clearly had captured young hearts at the start of his career as a member of The Jackson 5, and only built upon his stardom from then on, but was his "star quality" and prior establishment in the music industry enough to spread the idea of zombies as a form of entertainment? I don't think so. As much power as this young man had at this stage of his booming career, not even Michael can tell a society what to find interest in. Since I can't give Michael 100% of the credit for starting today's zombie obsession, I think I have to give the soulless corpses themselves most of the credit. The feelings that zombies create inside a viewer or a reader are what appear to be appealing to today's society. They derive fear within the viewer, and because fear is part of human nature, every viewer can find common ground with fear. Fear sells because humans are naturally curious beings, and like to explore each part of their mind. Feelings like love, happiness, sadness, and hate are also selling points, but I would argue that these emotions are exercised more on a daily basis. Because the feeling of fear is exercised less in a human's life, they are naturally more curious about what fear has to offer. Humans can use music, film, and literature to satisfy their need to better understand fear, and Michael Jackson's interpretation of zombies and fear in "Thriller" was no doubt a great way for human's to satisfy this need.

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