NWA - Fuck The Police

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If any hip-hop or rap fan who was a teenager in the 80's or 90's turned on the radio today, he or she would certainly be frustrated with the music that was coming out of the speakers. Mainstream rap music no longer has content. The sole purpose of today's popular hip-hop music is to have a good beat and catchy lyrics, and the least of most hip-hop artists' concern is to develop meaningful messages. Even when you think mainstream rap music has completely lost it, they come up with something even more stupid, such as the song "Teach Me How to Dougie", which has the sole purpose of providing a catchy beat with a lame dance to go along with it. On the other hand, rappers who don't rely on having a dance to build popularity use something else to sell their music: sex. For example, the song "Candy Shop" by 50 cent is filled with lyrical metaphors of oral sex, various sexual positions, and sex in general. The sad thing about that particular song is that I remember listening to it and singing along in the 5th grade. While I understand why these songs may be appealing to some people, it definitely does not deserve the credit and fame that it receives. The message that these types of songs are sending out is "It is cool to have meaningless sex, especially one night stands with many different women". This message greatly differs from the messages in older rap, in which many of the songs dealt with political issues, hardships, and racism. This leads me to highly doubt that rappers/groups such as Tupac, Public enemy, Beastie Boys, and NWA would be happy with today's mainstream rap music. These old-school rappers, who actually incorporated a meaningful message and purpose in rap, are the ones who deserve the fame and credit.

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