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This song seems to express the feelings of the artists. In todays music it seems as if it's more commercial than what the artist is actually feeling or wanting to say. It is a way of trying to get a larger crowd to purchase their music and associated products.

Looking at some of the bands I listen to when they started out before they were signed many of their songs were more personal, and also more lyrical. As you listen to their more recent music usually after they are signed many times the messages their music sends changes and even the style. Some of the bands seem to change their style so it is more acceptable to be played on the radio, and can get into the mix of mainstream music. For example Breathe Carolina started out with harsher sounding vocals and strange lyrics in their first albums, and then their was a sudden shift to a more pop style and cleaner vocals and then some of their new music was played on the radio.

I think it is caused by bands being strongly influenced by media. The bands feel the need to change their music so that they can get signed and make more money. It is also a way to get more people to listen to their music, so that it is no longer underground. But when they do this they all tend to head towards the same direction and it ruins some of their individuality. This also makes their music a lot less personal and it runs closer to being solely commercial. So they must be aware of this so that they can keep their originality, messages, and style. This way they will be able to make new fans without losing the ones that they already had.

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